14-year-old will be neighbourhood’s youngest pilot

A FOREST HILL resident will soon be the youngest Canadian to get his student pilot licence in history.

Mike Domb, a 13-year-old Fieldstone Day School student plans to get his student licence on his 14th birthday, on June 25.

“I take a lot of my friends flying with me,” says Domb, who currently must fly with an instructor. “It’s lots of fun — and it’s good for girls.”

Domb started flying with his uncle, also a pilot, at the Buttonville airport when he was 12. He soon convinced his reluctant parents to allow him to start ground school where students learn the basics of flying, like aerodynamics, math and decision making.

He was the youngest in his class, among 20- and 30-year- olds and retired people.

Domb’s favourite part about flying the Cessna 172s? Making the plane spin through the sky.

“The blood leaves your head, and you can feel it pooling at your legs. You get dizzy the first couple times you do it, but you get used to it.”

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