A nice slice of rice


ICHIBAN, 15 Spring Garden Ave., 416-512-9014
For our experts, the recipe is simple: slice some hearty chunks of ocean-fresh sushi and add a dollop of roe, then lay it all on a thin disc of lightly deep-fried rice and chop it into pizza-style slices. Presto! Sushi pizza in four easy steps. Ichiban’s version earns top marks from Lee, for its generous cuts of salmon and tuna, while Prevedello praises the perfectly crispy rice: “It’s just like pizza. If you don’t have a good crust, nothing works.” Clearly, this one does. Price: $10.95


Nami, 55 Adelaide St. E.
Both are fans of the gentle spiciness of this elegant offering, and the crispy rice is superb, says Prevedello, but there’s just too much roe for their liking. “Still, so far so good,” says Prevedello. Price: $13.56


Edo-ko, 431 Spadina Rd.
Thinnest rice of the bunch, but a bit too much roe. Still, the generous salmon portion earns a third-place finish. Prevedello likes the crunchiness of the rice. Price: $10.12


Akasaka, 280 West Beaver Creek Rd.
High point is presentation (thick sushi and elegant roe topping) but flatlines on taste. Would they go back for more? “OK, but not rushing to it,” says Prevedello. Price: $11.30


Ginza Sushi, 7330 Yonge St.
Lee’s eyes light up when he sees the huge chunks of fresh salmon, but Prevedello finds the rice “not clear — too sweet and not crisp,” which drops it a few rungs. Price: $6.72

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