Animal rights activists protest Joe Beef restaurant in Montreal

Video shows protestors inside popular Little Burgundy eatery

Animal rights activists stormed into the famed Joe Beef restaurant in Montreal this weekend disrupting a Saturday evening dinner service.

The protest was captured in a video posted to Facebook by Gabriel Prince, who claimed to be a member of animal rights activism group Direct Action Everywhere. The group is headquartered in California and widely known for staging numerous animal rights protests across Toronto.

In the video, protestors can be heard chanting, “It’s not food, it’s violence,” while others can be seen holding up signs that read, “Animals are not food,” and “We want animal liberation now.”

A speaker can be heard speechifying to the diners inside the Little Burgundy restaurant.

“There are no moral and ethical justifications to patronize the killing and exploitation of two trillion animals this year alone,” he said. “We demand that animals be free of all exploitation.”



Direct Action Everywhere
11 Janvier 2020
#TVAnouvelles, #Journaldemontréal
Activist: J’ai clairement oublié des activistes mais taguez vous, s.v.p 🙂
Un gros merci à tous et toutes pour votre implication 💪

Posted by Gabriel Prince on Sunday, January 12, 2020


After a few minutes, Joe Beef staff members can be seen escorting the group out of the restaurant, where they continued to chant loudly before eventually dispersing.

Owners of the Joe Beef restaurant did not yet respond to requests for comment.

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