Fet Zun Camp

Celebrity chef turns restaurant into an outdoor food camp

A winter camping trip doesn’t necessarily have to be in the forest, with a tent, or in a sleeping bag. Just think of roaring fire pits, heat lamps, cosy blankets and top it off with a decadent hot chocolate or an utterly minty mint tea as you dig into your favourite shawarma. Chef Anthony Rose and his business partner Robert Wilder’s new Fet Zun Camp is all that and a lot more as they’ve turned the patio into a secluded oasis with private tents.

The dynamic restaurateur duo that had earlier overhauled Bar Begonia into Fet Zun – a Middle Eastern meze bar drawing inspiration from outdoor markets – now promises to bring us all back to camp.

“Robert (Wilder) and I have taken over the Madame Boeuf space behind Fet Zun (which, by the way, is Yiddish for “fat son” and pronounced similarly) and transformed it to give our customers a camp-like experience,” explains Rose.

“You and your special loved one can cuddle up next to the fire, wrapped in a couples’ blanket, sipping Chartreuse-spiked hot chocolate, nibbling on a fish schnitzel or charred broccoli and steal long soft kisses as much as you like in between bites of my food!”

The secluded tents, each come with their own private tables amid adequately heated surroundings. Each of these cute little campy areas are available for reservation on Bookenda.com or over emails to reservations@fetzun.com. The only ask from the chef’s end is that you dress warm with “lotsa layers.”

Of course you can still order pick up (hot or cold), delivery and even pre-order as needed. Fet Zun is open for business from Wednesday to Sunday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. and is currently delivering a couple times a week with plans to expand, depending on demand. For now, however, they are keen on doing the delivery themselves and not pay third-party apps.

Article exclusive to TRNTO