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The best cooking classes in Toronto this holiday season

Buying a gift for your special someone is not always an easy task. Some people are happy with a simple piece of jewellery, while others are hoping for something that strays from the ordinary. This year, get creative and give a gift you can share. From cooking with cannabis to meat smoking 101, here are four of Toronto’s best cooking classes that will make for a perfect gift this holiday season.

Holiday Cooking Classes

Learn how to cook with cannabis

It’s safe to say that most of us are feeling a little curious about cannabis right now. As its name suggests, Cannabis Cooking Company is all about getting you comfortable cooking with cannabis. Students bring their own legal cannabis, and then the CCC team explains how to properly prepare it for cooking and infuse it into a delicious recipe. For December, they’re hosting classes focused on seasonal recipes like gingerbread cookies and holiday bark, which will get you primed for spicing up your yuletide parties with some extra special treats (or for making your own holiday brighter). 477 Richmond St. W.


Embrace your inner fishmonger

Preparing a full fish from scratch can feel like a daunting endeavour for a first-time filleter. Fortunately, sustainable seafood shop Hooked is here to save us from getting lost in the depths of deboning with its Fishmongering 101 class. The class offers students a practical, hands-on tutorial in the fish preparation process. Led by one of Hooked’s experienced fishmongers, the session gives students a step-by-step experience in filleting a fish like a pro. It also includes instructions on how to properly pan-fry the fish once its prepped and make a killer accompanying sauce. 888 Queen St. E.

Holiday Cooking Classes

Prepare meat like a pro

The Healthy Butcher demystifies the process of butchering beef, pork and chicken with its series of hands-on and demonstration classes. Watch a seasoned butcher break down different sections of beef into a variety of roasts and cuts, or discover how the different cuts of pork are best used in cooking, so you can make use of the whole animal. For a more direct lesson in butchering, try the Poultry & Nothing But! class, which gives students the opportunity to practice techniques, like trussing and deboning, and develop an understanding of basic poultry anatomy. 298 Eglinton Ave. W.

Holiday Cooking Classes

Learn the art of meat smoking

Now that you’re a pro at prepping meat, why not learn how to cure it right? This beginner-level class with Toronto Food Tours introduces students to the art of smoking ribs, chicken, brisket and other cuts of meat. Led by pitmaster and chef-owner of Earlscourt BBQ, Jason Rees, the class covers the different types of smokers, woods and charcoals. Students learn the technique of smoking low and slow and how to brine meat, as well as how to get the perfect smoke ring. The cost of the class includes meat samples and obligatory craft beer pairings for the smoky goodness. 1278 St. Clair W.

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