Best gourmet pizza: The real deal on Ossington

Pizzeria Libretto

Utter the name ‘Ossington’ these days, and you likely think trendy, hip and maybe a little daunting. With bars like The Ossington and Watusi, and restaurants like Union, Pool and Delux, looking down at the strip from the down-and-out intersection of Dundas Street and Ossington Avenue, it’s hard to know what hot spots are fading trends and what will endure and become neighbourhood staples.

Now that the hype has faded significantly, Pizzeria Libretto, which promises ‘real Neapolitan pizza,’ has come out a clear winner. It’s affordable, it’s beyond delicious and the relaxed, communal atmosphere welcomes all.

Libretto combines high-quality Italian ingredients with locally-sourced, fresh cheeses and produce. Share the mixed marinated olives to get the palate warmed up. Every pizza option is a good one, but if you like your pizza with sauce, make sure you choose one with tomato. The wild mushroom pizza is a white pizza and is the best vegetarian option, but the hot pepper option with home-made sausage is the star of the menu. If you’re still hungry, all gelati and sorbetti are made in-house, and worth a try.

Skip the Montepulciano in favour of a southern Italian wine. Try Sicily’s Angelo Nero d’Avola or Li Veli ‘Orion’ Primitivo of Puglia. These deep reds pair beautifully with gourmet finger foods.

No reservations means you could end up waiting for a table. Luckily, the hostess will happily take your cell number so you can have a drink somewhere else along the strip. You’ll get a phone call when your table’s about 10 minutes from being ready.

221 Ossington Ave., 416-532-8000

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