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The best ice cream bars in Toronto

Some things just taste better on a stick

From fruity, dairy-free blends to creamy vanilla dipped in chocolate, there’s something extra fun about ice cream on a stick. Here’s where to find the best ice cream bars in Toronto.


Bar Ape Gelato Co.

Known for its traditional Italian gelato, one of Bar Ape’s most popular menu items are its ice cream bars. Established in 2014, Bar Ape is a cash-only, service-style takeout window. All of the ice cream bars are $5 and flavour options include lemon, chocolate, raspberry, orange creamsicle, coconut and almond, pistachio and hazelnut chocolate. Bar Ape also sells rotating feature bars, which are special flavours available for one to three days. Creations in the past have included the chocolate covered roasted sunflower seed praline, mint chocolate chip, roasted green tea, Italian sour cherry, Niagara grape and the strawberry-coated Ontario gooseberry. Three of Bar Ape’s ice cream bars (chocolate, coconut and almond and raspberry) are dairy-free.


Honey’s Ice Cream


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Famous for their delicious plant-based ice creams, Honey’s is a dairy-free shop that makes some of the best ice cream bars in Toronto. Flavours include cookies n’ cream (coated in chocolate and Oreo crumbs) plain yogurt and strawberry crunch (coconut milk yogurt coated in strawberry dip and vanilla crunchies) and the peanut buster (peanut butter ice cream with chocolate chips dipped in chocolate with peanuts). All bars are $5.50 each.


Nadège Patisserie


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Nadège Patisserie is offering four ice cream bars as part of its special ice cream shop. Priced at $6.50 each, flavours include strawberry vanilla (dipped in strawberry chocolate), vanilla and caramel (double dipped in a milk chocolate coating and crunchy almond pieces), vanilla and chocolate and Yuzu cheesecake, which features Nadège’s famous cheesecake ice cream dipped in Yuzu chocolate. All ice cream bars can be picked up from the shop’s Rosedale, Queen West and Oxford Kitchen HQ locations.




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Made from bubble tea and simple ingredients, Kekou’s gelato bars are a seasonal feature and come in a variety of Asian-inspired flavours. These refreshing treats can be ordered in: mango coconut, guava coconut, strawberry guava, coconut or strawberry mango. There are also three non-vegan bars, including matcha red bean, red bean and chai tea.


La Diperie


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Specializing in soft serve ice cream smothered in toppings like cookie crumbs, sprinkles and nuts, La Diperie, which has three locations in the city (Queen St., Bay St., and the Danforth) also sells a handful of creative ice cream bars. Some of these include a cheesecake Oreo dip pressed with Smarties, and a chocolate dipped bar coated in coconut flakes. La Diperie also sells four vegan-friendly ice cream bars in vanilla, chocolate, mango and raspberry flavours.

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