Big Opening: Avenue Girl

A tween girl's dream opens uptown

Avenue Girl caters to the young tween girl who has outgrown children’s styles but is still not quite an adult. With an eclectic esthetic that includes a mix of formal styles, semi-formal, casual clothing, and fun/kooky lifestyle pieces (such as emoji pillows and funky toys), Avenue Girl has something for all adolescents who are developing their identity through their style.

With an average price point of $150 to $300, Avenue Girl has a fine collection of curated items from the U.S. and Europe, including popular London brand David Charles with his elegant designs for dressier nights out, and Miss Behave from the U.S. with its spunky, modern and trendy wares.

And for those who are hitting the road, Avenue Girl has two designated parking spots in the back and the front of the store, a premium for boutiques located on Avenue Road. 
1806 Avenue Rd. 

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