Big Opening: Daniel Torjman opens 18 Waits store with made-in-Canada goods

Every piece of clothing earmarked with the 18 Waits name is crafted in Canada.

Owner Daniel Torjman and his team personally visit the factories around Toronto on a weekly basis to monitor the upkeep of his expected quality. 18 Waits’ tag line — Wear Well, Enjoy, Love, Destroy — speaks volumes about how to use its clothes. They’re meant to be lived in, and with more wear, they’ll look better, due to your body’s customizations.

The store also carries glasses from Lunettes Kollektion (Berlin), LHN jewellery (Brooklyn), Tsovet watches (Los Angeles) and Headmistress toques (Toronto), all great independent brands.

18 Waits, 990 Queen St. W.

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