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Brian Gluckstein’s five home decor trends to embrace this fall

Canada’s legendary designer outlines his favourites, from graphic patterns to upholstery and wicker

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A change in seasons is always an inspiring time to make some changes for a fresh new start. When it comes to the home, cooler temperatures mean more time indoors, so cosy up and tweak your space to get it just right for the season ahead.

For fall, there are a ton of great trends out there, but it can be overwhelming to know which to incorporate into your space. Here I’ve highlighted five of my favourite fad-free fall trends, as a designer who always seeks to create timelessly stylish spaces that will be loved for the long haul.

Deep saturated colours

Rich colours — especially in the form of jewel tones — are big this season, and if you’re someone who loves a bit of glamour, this trend could be just right for you. Saturated colours have such an inviting, luxurious appeal, and they work especially well on textured materials like velvet and silk. A richly hued velvet sofa paired with colour-co-ordinated walls, drapery and trim creates such a cosy, cocoon-like feel to a room. Mix in shiny metals to add even more glamour to the space.


fall trends
© Angus Fergusson

Bold black and white

Monochrome spaces have been big for a while now, but lately we’ve seen a shift to a starker contrast of black and white: be it a graphic tile pattern, black-framed windows or doors paired with creamy white walls, or simply an intriguing mix of black and white furniture and decor. I love how much drama and soulfulness this trend can add to the home, and it’s great for someone who loves a look with high impact.

Slipcovered seating

Slipcovered sofas and chairs add a beautifully relaxed quality to the living, dining, or even the bedroom. This trend is great if you’re someone who likes a softer, more laid-back look, and embraces the soft wrinkles of the fabric on the skirt and cushions. Slipcovered sofas and chairs work especially well in lighter-coloured fabrics like creams and greys, since they keep a space feeling light and airy with all that material.


fall trends
© A Plus Creative

Upholstered walls and headboards

I love this trend because I love the cosiness and texture that upholstered walls bring to a space. They’re especially great in apartments or attached homes as they are great for insulating and soundproofing your home. You can create a custom upholstered wall to perfectly fit the size of your space or find an upholstered headboard for a more restful bedroom. If you want to add some softness to your space, this trend is just what you need.

Caning and wicker

These earthy materials are having a major resurgence since they were last seen popping up everywhere in ’90s homes. There are so many ways to incorporate this trend on any budget, from smaller decor to larger pieces of furniture, and it’s perfect if you love a more natural, organic look. I especially love the added texture and warmth of these materials whether it be a cane-backed chair, wicker baskets or even a light fixture.

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