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Caitlin Cronenberg launches a crypto art series that blends fashion, beauty and tech

A new photography series is putting a tongue-in-cheek spin on crypto art — an emerging art form made up of non-fungible tokens or NFTs. The tokens are unique digital files that are non-interchangeable, which means when you purchase a piece of art made with them, you’re investing in the artist who created it, similar to buying their stock.

The ongoing series, Words of Mouth, consists of four images launched Monday in both print and NFT form. The photographer known for shooting the cover art for Drake’s “Views” and Dan Levy for People Magazine, Caitlin Cronenberg, partnered with makeup artist Amy Harper to create the series, which depicts close-up shots of mouths holding bold words between their teeth like nude, divine, chaos and loser.


crypto art
© Caitlin Cronenberg

“The juxtaposition of a word like ‘loser’ displayed in bubblegum pink or the unexpected elegance of a perfectly lined lip holding together the ‘CHAOS’ within adds complexity to the beauty,” Harper says.

Cronenberg says that for her and Harper, the project provided a welcome opportunity to combine their passions and get creative during the pandemic.

Words of Mouth combines my passion for art and beauty with my fascination with tech,” says Cronenberg. “It’s Amy’s and my version of a ‘pandemic pivot’ — an outlet to stretch our creative muscles and work together on something we’re both excited about while embracing new innovations in art distribution.”


crypto art
Behind the scenes © Maggie Devereux

According to Cronenberg, crypto art is the way of the future, and she’s excited to see it gaining momentum in the art world.

“Crypto art is blowing up and I see its potential as a catalyst for positive change in the landscape for creators,” she says. “It’s the art investing of the future.”

Part of the proceeds from the series will be donated to Greenpeace to help offset the environmental impact of NFTs. Prints can be purchased at, and for Crypto Wallet holders, the works can be found on the blockchain in runs of 1/1, 1/10, and 1/100 editions, some of which also come with physical prints.

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