Canada Goose has a new jacket just for Torontonians

The parka comes with a pocket perfect for a TTC pass and reads Toronto across the back

There’s no denying it now, parka season is here. If you don’t already have a trusty down-filled puffer to pull out of your closet to tackle this winter weather, there’s a new one hitting the market next week.

Toronto-born label Canada Goose is paying homage to its hometown with its latest jacket that will be released on Dec. 11. The Toronto jacket celebrates the city with a few fun features such as a Toronto-branded grab strap on the back, as well as a TTC pass pocket on the sleeve.

The brand says the design for the jacket was inspired by the city’s diverse people and culture and was specially created to endure Toronto’s unpredictable winter weather. The coat will be available at

This isn’t the brand’s first nod to Toronto. Last year it partnered with the city’s most famous rapper, Drake. Though both Canada Goose and the rapper received backlash from PETA on the collaboration.

Canada Goose also launched its new retail concept at Sherway Gardens on Dec. 5 called The Journey. It is an inventory-free concept that is meant to transport people into the Arctic. The concept reflects the brand’s promise that every collection of parkas is informed by the rugged demands of the Arctic.

Guests are invited to tour the store and explore the interactive displays. There are faux rock walls, a floor that cracks like ice when guests walk on it and a dome illuminated with projections of the Northern Lights. Not to mention the cold room where guests can don Canada Goose parkas before entering. The room is kept at Arctic temperatures and is complete with snow.

At the end of it all, consumers can chat with staff about the products, browse the inventory digitally and place an order if they wish.

Canada Goose, Sherway Gardens, 25 The West Mall