Cannabis edible cookie

Cannabis edibles are now legal in Canada, but you’ll have to wait

It’s official. Pot brownies and other assorted THC treats are legal in Canada.

Health Canada announced on Thursday that topicals, extracts and cannabis-infused edibles including gummies, baked goods, cooking oils, and beverages are now on the government’s approved list for weed-based products.

Here’s the catch, they are not on the shelves just yet. Despite the new legal status, you’ll have to wait until mid-December (at the earliest) to buy a THC-infused product. Now begins the 60-day waiting period when licensed producers will be submitting products to Health Canada for review.


According to Health Canada, vendors and producers will “need time to become familiar with and prepare to comply with the new rules that have been put in place for safety. 

The federal government has put in place strict regulations following discussion with law enforcement as well as health and safety experts. Among these is a limit of 10 mg of THC per single-serving and 1,000 mg of THC per package. 



Each provincial government has the power to further regulate products once on the market. One major concern is keeping them away from children to avoid any accidental confusion between pot-infused gummies from their usual fun treat. This is a key reason Quebec is not participating in putting these munchies on the market.

Under the regulations, pot-edibles will be sold in plain packaging and will be child-proof so that it can be kept away from kids. All packaging must clearly display the standardized cannabis symbol and a health warning message. 

With the legalization of cannabis-infused edibles, we’ll soon see a new wave of consumer products in Canada.  

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