Cafe Boulud Toronto pop up

Chef Daniel Boulud to host a special pop-up in Toronto this week

The celebrity chef is bringing coastal Mediterranean flavours to Café Boulud

Chef Daniel Boulud is helping catapult us into spring with a special dinner event on March 12. Hosted at Café Boulud in the Four Seasons Hotel, the Boulud Sud Pop Up will see the celebrity chef teaming up with his restaurant’s chef de cuisine, Nicholas Trosien, to present a menu inspired by coastal Mediterranean flavours. 

Boulud, who worked for three years in Provence and has travelled extensively in Greece, Israel, Italy, Spain, Tunisia, and Turkey, says he’s inspired by the culinary traditions of the region.


Cafe Boulud Toronto pop up

With this pop-up, Boulud looks to bring a modern approach to Mediterranean cuisine, while staying true to its classic flavours. “Technology can help us be creative in the preparation, as those traditional recipes are often old and rustic,” says Boulud. For example, he says that he might opt to incorporate sous vide into the preparation of chicken, rather than a conventional braising technique. 

Thursday’s five-course menu will include Turkish pide, sea bass en papillote, and Moroccan Lamb, among other dishes. Boulud says that the bright flavours of Mediterranean cuisine lend themselves well to the warm weather transition. “We associate the Mediterranean diet with spring and summer because of the light, fresh, seasonal ingredients,” he explains. 


Cafe Boulud pop-up

The pop-up will also feature wine pairings by sommelier Julie Garton. Staying true to the regional theme of the food menu, Garton has chosen a selection of Mediterranean wines. The dinner will begin with a bubbly NV Brut Cava ‘Cuvee Barcelona’ from Codorniu, Spain and close with a sweet Malvasia Reserva 5 yr, Barbeito from Madeira, Portugal. 

If it’s too late to clear your Thursday evening plans for the pop-up, you’re in luck: A selection of dishes from the special event  will be added to Café Boulud’s regular menu until the end of March.

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