Colour your lingerie for a steamy T.O. V-Day

In preparation for a voracious Valentine’s Day, a lady’s lingerie legwork may consist of more than choosing between silk and satin.

"Every moment of the day we subconsciously communicate through colour," Julianne Bien, a Toronto-based expert, author and educator in the realm of colour therapy, told "Colour stimulates not only our visual senses but influences every action, thought and decision we make."

Bien, who has researched the holistic impact of colour and light for over 15 years, recommends a session of personal palette discovery before shopping for your sweetheart.

"To discover the powerful influence of colour, begin to decode its clues," Bien says. "What colours of undergarments feel good? What colours are predominant in your bedroom?"

While she admits that a preferred lingerie colour will be unique to the individual, Bien concedes that certain spectrums are guaranteed to please your partner.

"Pure shades of red stimulate the sense and desire and create a flow of energy in the body," Bien says. "Black, on the other hand, has a mysterious presence. It sparks curiosity for one to go beyond limitations and open the door of imagination."

And like a bottle of aged wine on a winter’s night, a matchless melange of the two can make for a powerful aphrodisiac.

"Red and black together create a tempting combination that stirs the senses."

A precious pink get-up can effectively stir up feelings of warmth, love, security and overall affection.

But Bien warns shoppers to steer clear of sharp shades like bubble gum, which can overwhelm the senses.

"A big taboo would be to exhibit shades of mustard yellow, browns, murky greens and even royal blue and all florescent colours in the bedroom. All inner senses would unknowingly shut down. Might as well turn on the TV and the popcorn maker."

And as for that leopard-print number you’ve been eyeing?

"Patterned lingerie infused with arrays of colours play on the psyche. Carefully select a pattern and move with it in front of the mirror. What type of feelings and emotions do the patterns conjure in the mind?"

"If it feels sexy, it’s perfect for your evening escapade. If messages pop up in your head about work, for example, it’s time to try on another pattern."

Above all, Bien’s advice to any lingerie lover is to colour their Valentine’s day with a sense of adventure.

"Bring in that loving feeling, " she says. "Add chocolate truffles with colour cream-filled delights, and it will be the perfect Valentine’s experience. Explore!"

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