Congestion, gridlock and transit

Toronto turned a page on Oct. 27, and our new Toronto City Council is already hard at work.

I was humbled by a landmark 83 per cent win and continue to be honoured by the incredible show of support right across Ward 25, Don Valley West.

I heard a similar message at the door in each and every neighbourhood throughout the campaign: congestion, gridlock and transit should be front and centre.

It’s difficult to get around our city. Whether you’re in the car or on the TTC, the frustration is palpable. I experience it every day on my way to city hall or jumping to meetings across the Ward.

What we need are sound decisions based on the evidence and grounded in common sense.

Short-term, that means taking advantage of the quick wins. Signal synchronization, new and improved traffic control, streamlined parking regulations — it is certainly evident that the city’s moving in the right direction, but we need to speed things up.

Long-term, that means expanding the reliability and capacity of our transit network. In Ward 25, relieving crowding and delays on the Yonge subway line is a top transit priority. We’re upgrading our technology — new subway cars and a new automated signalling system will give capacity a boost — but the ideal long-term solution involves an expanded and inclusive transit network.

If you have any ideas about how to reduce gridlock and congestion in any Ward 25 neighbourhoods, I’d appreciate hearing them! Get in touch by email, at, or by phone at 416-395-6408.

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