Designers at Toronto power fashion house, Greta Constantine, on their personal tastes and styles

The duo behind Toronto's accessible luxury fashion house, Greta Constantine, recently shared their thoughts on personal must-have items from denim to penny loafers.

What is your favourite summer trend this season? What is it about this trend that you find so appealing?
Kirk Pickersgill: The Canadian tuxedo. I tend to wear head-to-toe black so this is quite the departure for me. Although denim is often associated with being a casual everyday fabric, when outfitted in a variety of different shades of the fabric, you make a rather bold statement. Whoever said orange is the new black, just hasn't met denim!
Stephen Wong: This summer, I'm drawn to the boxy, oversized silhouettes that give a relaxed yet strong, quirky feel. It's a look that's returned to us from the 90s but it remains grounded in classics.

What items have you been seeking out to incorporate the trend into your wardrobe?
KP: Baggier jeans, bomber jackets, blazers — almost anything made in denim!
SW: This season, I've been loading up on oversized white shirts, boxy pleated shorts and pleated pants with a more relaxed fit, worn higher on the waist. It's a switch from a silhouette that's closer to the body, and it also plays with proportion!

What staple summer item do you find yourself going back to year after year?
KP: Skinny denim jeans with a wide cuff.
SW: Be it oversized or slim fit, long sleeves or short sleeves, classic or stylized, you can never go wrong with a white shirt!

Shoewise, what silhouettes are you currently gravitating towards and why?
KP: The penny loafer.  It's my mission to bring them back, but you need to put the penny in the front slot!
SW: For footwear, I like silhouettes that go up to the ankle.  They can be high tops that cover the whole foot or sandals that are quite open, but footwear that spans the entire foot balances those boxy, oversized clothes.

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