Six safety tips and best practices for your workplace over the holiday season

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Accidents are more common around the holidays than during other times of the year. Although it’s impossible to completely prevent mishaps, the likelihood and severity can be reduced by taking a few precautionary steps. Leading personal injury law firm, Diamond and Diamond, shares some tips to help keep you, your employees, customers, and visitors safe while during this celebratory time of year.

1. Include everyone.

The holiday season is for all people of every race, religion, gender and age to get together and have fun. If your business is going to host a holiday party, welcome all your colleagues by using inclusive language and incorporating multi-faith symbols and traditions into your revelry. Try not to let a single faith dominate the festivities. Celebrating together is great for team building, and inclusive signage and decorations appeal to a diversified customer base and workforce.

2. Be aware of fire hazards.

It’s easy to overlook potential fire hazards when they’re disguised as decorations and ornaments. Stringing lights around your office can be dangerous without proper protocol, equipment or knowledge of the building’s electrical system. Although candlelight is beautiful and serene, keep the candles out of the office and away from other combustible decorations. Leave the pyrotechnics to the professionals.

3. Safety first when decorating.

Make certain that anybody installing lights or hanging decorations operates in a safe, considerate manner, especially when using a ladder or scaffolding. Remove ice and snow from awnings, sidewalks or parking lots as quickly as possible and keep your vestibule dry to avoid slip and fall accidents on your property.

4. Encourage moderation in drinking.

Holidays are for celebrating with everyone, including your co-workers, but too much partying with alcohol can be dangerous. When it comes to that annual office holiday party, it’s a good idea to monitor and limit alcohol consumption; Wine and beer are fine for socializing, but shots of hard liquor should be discouraged. Celebrate responsibly so that everybody has a good time, nobody regrets what they did at the office party and most importantly, no one gets hurt.

5. Serve food and water.

Having Hors d’oeuvres and other snacks readily available helps to pace alcohol consumption. Additionally, a water station near the bar encourages workers to dilute alcoholic beverages and stay hydrated.

6. Ensure employee safety.

If your office party is serving alcohol, make sure that everyone has transportation ahead of time to ensure attendees get home safely – providing taxi chits or Uber/Lyft credit is a great option.

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