Drake teases new Cannabis brand by sending flowers across Toronto

Rapper jumps on the pot bandwagon with More Life Growth Co.

It may not come as a surprise that Toronto’s very own Drake is investing in cannabis with his latest venture More Life Growth Co. At this point, it’s probably more shocking when we find a pop-culture mogul who is not getting into the weed business. The only thing that is surprising about Aubrey Drake Graham’s recent dip into the pot pool, is how late he is to the party.

On Tuesday, Drake’s people were out and about delivering flowers to passersby and specific influencers in Toronto. The flowers came wrapped in paper monogrammed with More Life Growth Co. After receiving the bouquets, people across the city took to Instagram to share the news. CTV host Dina Pugliese was one such recipient.



More Life Growth Co. showed up again last night on Drake’s Instagram with a video that read “Welcome to More Life Growth Co.”  The caption was a link to the new brand’s Instagram account.



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Since the release of the bouquets and cryptic posts, the internet has been in a frenzy with people everywhere hoping to find out what exactly Drake is bringing to the marijuana party. But some insight was gained after the More Life Growth Co.’s trademark application was leaked online.


More Life Growth Co.
The Trademark on the Government of Canada site

The trademark shows that Drake’s new company will be selling “cannabis products and accessories, medical cannabis, THC and CBD.” Other product possibilities include teas, dried plants, hookah and vapes. The brand is set to launch on Thursday.

A large part of the trademark pertains to athletic wear including shirts, dresses, hats, hoodies and footwear. The fashion accessories definitely seem more up Drake’s alley with his successful OVO brand.

As for the company name, it was inspired by the rapper’s 2017 album.

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