Drake puzzle

Drake fans can now piece together their own puzzles of the Toronto rapper

Project and images by Toronto photographer Caitlin Cronenberg

Toronto photographer Caitlin Cronenberg’s award-winning images are now available in puzzle form. Cronenberg is releasing a series of art photography puzzles, including two featuring Drake, in limited edition quantities (100 of each print). Each 1,000 piece puzzle is signed and numbered too, so you can frame the finished product or hang onto the box as part of an art collection.

Cronenberg is releasing four different puzzles that can be pre-ordered through the artist’s website. The puzzles are priced at $100 for pre-order and increase to $129 on Oct. 1 when the puzzles go on sale to the general public.  The puzzles are a limited series and will not be reprinted once sold.

Two of the puzzles feature Toronto rapper Drake, one of which is the cover of his album Views, which was shot by Cronenberg. The other two puzzles are entitled Goldfinger, and Photo Call.



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Introducing NEW art photography PUZZLES! These premium jigsaw puzzles are a limited edition item with only 100 of each photograph available. The puzzles are 1000 pieces and come with a signed and numbered label to affix to the back of the completed puzzle should you wish to frame it, or to keep in the box with the unassembled pieces. A perfect activity to do with family or friends! Puzzles make a great gift for birthdays, holidays or host gifts at a socially-distanced dinner party! Puzzles are available for PRE-ORDER right now! $100 CAD Special Pre-Order Price $129 CAD as of October 1st, 2020 Once they’re gone, they’re gone! COLLECT ALL FOUR! Show me your finished masterpieces! Tag @caitcronenberg and #caitlincronenbergpuzzle Link in bio and stories!

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Caitlin Cronenberg is an award-winning fashion photographer with works featured in several major publications, including Vogue, Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar, and most major Canadian newspapers. Cronenberg is a Toronto-born artist and is a large part of the Toronto International Film Festival acting as a portrait photographer.

To pre-order a Cronenberg puzzle visit the artist’s website or follow Cronenberg on Instagram.

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