Brunch now on the menu at Grant van Gameren’s Kensington bar

El Rey is rolling out new Mexican eats for the midday crowd

Restaurateur Grant van Gameren‘s El Rey Mezcal Bar has got a new Mexican-style brunch menu in the works. Starting on Oct. 27, patrons can enjoy an array of Mexican breakfast items alongside their favourite mezcal-based bevvies.

Every Saturday and Sunday from 12-4 p.m., chef Rodrigo Aguilar will serve up Mexican favourites like the classic Yucatecan dessert caballero pobre. The dish is a mix between a Mexican bread pudding and French toast — a desirable go-to after a long night out. 


El Rey Brunch
El Rey’s chilaquiles dish

The restaurant will also feature a selection of savoury dishes such as the famed Mexican comfort food, chilaquiles. The classic dish is essentially an elevated take on nachos, baked in salsa, topped with cheese and a fried egg.

Plus, El Rey will also have their own sopa de tortilla (tortilla soup), for those looking for a lighter option.


El Rey
The sopa de tortilla at El Rey Mezcal Bar

What’s more, the unveiling of the restaurant’s brunch menu will coincide with the launch of their new fall-inspired eats and cocktails. El Rey’s fall menu starts Oct. 24, and features items like the molotes de pollo. The deep fried masa pockets, filled with chicken and mole sauce and topped with iceberg lettuce, are their new go-to during the cooler months.

El Rey’s brunch menu launches on Sunday at 2a Kensington Ave. in the heart of Kensington Market. For more information, check out their Instagram or visit their website.

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