Fashion: I wanna be per-sueded

In a previous life, suede had something of a one-note kind of look. But now, available in a rainbow of hues, suede is all grown-up and ready to tango into your wardrobe. Here are Jeanne’s top pieces to storm around town in this fall.

A) On the fringe
Rewind Couture, 577 Mt. Pleasant Rd., $450
“I love the whipstitching. I love the colour, that neutral dove grey. It’s flirty, sexy, sassy. Looking for a suede statement? This is the way to go.”

B) A hot topic
Andrews, Bayview Village, $950
“MaxMara does such beautiful things. Clean lines, the suede is sumptuous. It looks like a little jacket Audrey Hepburn would have worn.”

C) At first blush
AllSaints, Yorkdale Shopping Centre, $890
“A blush pink moto jacket for fall speaks to a kind of luxury, to girlish femininity but done in an irreverent way. Super modern.”

D) Trompe l’oeil
Cloakroom, 1177 Yonge St., $118
“You’ve gotta love the quality of faux suede that’s coming out now. This looks expensive. It’s a great alternative to real suede.”

E) ’50s vibe
Gypsy Found Objects, 762 St. Clair Ave. W., $185
“How much do we love vintage clothing? When it’s right, it’s so right! This is just a cool tobacco brown that would go with anything.”

F) Made for walkin’
Cloakroom, 1177 Yonge St., $260
“They've got a ’70s vibe to them … a great chunky heel. These boots have an air of elegant ease!” 

G) Seeing circles
TNT, 388 Eglinton Ave. W., $795
“This is just great. Such an optimistic colour. There’s something really retro about these handles. You wanna put popcorn in this and take it to the movies!”

H) A strapping choice 
Zvelle, Yorkdale Shopping Centre, $535 
“Elle from Zvelle is just such a remarkable shoe designer. These have almost an S & M thing going on in a fun way.” 

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