Fashion: Jeanne Beker and Toronto's ultimate fall denim guide

Nothing says fall like a pair of jeans, so we got Jeanne to craft a comprehensive denim primer for guys and gals. From vintage to selvedge — with lots of pieces made or designed right here in Canada.

Shirts & Shoes
A) JoshuaDavid, 2525 Yonge St., $238 
“I love the pleating in the front; it gives it a lot of style. Very feminine. It’s adorable.”

B) Exile, 62 Kensington Ave., $40 
“Levi’s knows what it’s doing when it comes to denim. This is a nod to the militaristic look — it’s got a bib!”

C) Peggy Sue Collection,, $795
“Amazing. This is the work of a true artisan. Peggy Sue took discarded denim and gave it new life by weaving it into this whole new fabrication. Really unique.”

D) 18 Waits, pre-order at, $440
“This is a beautiful shirt jacket for men in powder blue denim. It’s got a real weight to it and cool lining.”

E) Guess, Hillcrest Mall, $108 
“This really hangs beautifully; it feels expensive. I love the little zipper detailing. ” 

F) United Stock Dry Goods Sydney’s, 682 Queen St. W., $150
“This is a chambray and is a great look for men. It’s comfy, it’s cosy, and it’s sharp.”

G) Shumaker, CF Markville, $99
“I’m very excited to see a new Canadian-designed shoe label. Great styling for men with canvas made to look like denim.” 

H) Tanya Heath, 138 Cumberland St., shoe $580 & heel $100
“What a great idea to take an old Levi’s pocket and to make it into a heel! These shoes are so fantastic ’cause the heels are interchangeable.” 

New stretch jeans
Fidelity Denim,, $366
“These are fabulous. Great zipper detailing both on the ankle and front pockets. Very rock ’n’ roll.” 

B) Iris,, $197 
“These are nicely faded with a good amount of stretch. They have a nice high rise — it’s a statement to wear denim high!”

C) Over The Rainbow, 101 Yorkville Ave., $270 
“The denim on this pair of Fidelity jeans is just nicely, hiply distressed. You can’t deny the shredded appeal.”

D) Over The Rainbow, 101 Yorkville Ave., $238
“There’s a nice amount of stretch in these for a guy — you don’t usually find men’s pants like this. Nice and soft.” 

E) Yoga Jeans at Shopgirls, 1342 Queen St. W., $178
“These Yoga Jeans just look so comfy! For those that love the distressed look, there’s a lovely amount of shredding.” 

F) Jeanne beker,, $149.99
“These Bekky jeans fit like a dream and are super comfy. Plus they’re in this very versatile shade of plum.”

Divine Decadence Originals, 128 Cumberland St., $1,500 for 3-piece suit
“And then this wonderful vintage Ungaro with polka dots! — this is a real find.”

B) Naked & Famous,, $245 
“Great kimono styling on this piece. We love the label, and it’s made in Canada!”

C) Rewind Couture, 577 Mt. Pleasant Rd. $325
“As we can expect from Yohji Yamamoto, this is high concept. It looks like two pieces, but it’s actually just one. Very cool.” 

D) Triarchy, 
“Great use of this fabrication on the back panel.” 

E) Shopgirls, 1342 Queen St. W., $120
“I love a vest — I’m wearing a similar one now. This one has a tiny bit of stretch.” 

Vintage & selvedge
A) Naked & Famous at Over The Rainbow, 101 Yorkville Ave., $250
“Farmer chic! Reminds you of the overalls we all used to wear as kids. Very cute.”

B) Balmain at Rewind Couture, 577 Mt. Pleasant Rd., $255
“This Balmain pair are both shredded and sparkly. A gorgeous style statement.”

C) Levi’s at Exile, 62 Kensington Ave., $250
“Classic vintage Levi’s bell-bottoms. Boy, oh boy, I had a few pairs of those!”

D) Sub Rosa Vintage, 16 Kensington Ave., $39
“This is fun — different pockets in nice fruity coleurs — ’80s-in-your-face!”

E) Naked & Famous,, $183 
“These selvedge jeans are meant to last a lifetime. Nice shade of teal blue denim.”

One of Canada’s most trusted a­­uthorities on style and fashion, Jeanne has covered the industry for more than 25 years. Now watch her in her current style editor role on the Shopping Channel’s Style Matters with Jeanne Beker.

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