Fashion: Jeanne wrangles up 14 selections from the current western wear trend

Yee-haw! It’s hard to resist the allure of the cowgirl look — especially since it’s so on-trend. Whether you want to go full on western or just get your boots wet, we got Jeanne to lasso the city’s coolest pieces to giddy-up in.

A) Rope it in
Gypsy Found Objects, 762 St. Clair Ave. W., $46
“I love a bolo! This one is in perfect condition, and it’s such a great motif here with the cowgirl Stetson hat. If you want a hit of that western feel, a bolo goes a long way.”

B) Ranch ready 
Holt Renfrew, 50 Bloor St. W., $695
“Smythe! I love what they do; they’re always pushing it. Very figure flattering. A strong western statement for fall.” 

C) Gaucho gear 
JoshuaDavid, 2525 Yonge St., $695
“I’m a huge, huge fan of LaMarque, a Canadian label out of Montreal. The fringes are just sublime; the leather feels fabulous.”

D) Stampede situation 
Gypsy Found Objects, 762 St. Clair Ave. W., $98
“An absolutely classic western hat with a feminine vibe. It’s a real find.” 

E) Ready to wrangle
Uncuffed Leather, $255 
“We all love our kerchiefs. The leather here is so butter-soft it gives a great feeling of luxury to this accessory.”

F) Tassle tussle
Peggy Sue Collection,, $650
“Peggy Sue, I have so much respect for her; she’s upcycling denim in the most artful way. Truly art-to-wear.”

G) Saddle style
Brave Leather,, $110 
“Wow! This belt is fantastic and made here in Toronto. The buckles and the colour.… It truly looks vintage, but it’s brand new.”

H) Bird’s-eye bling
Thomas Sabo, Yorkdale Shopping Centre, $529 
“This ring is superb. Dazzling. A man’s ring that can be worn by any sex. It’s mesmerizing.” 

I) Wild western
Bootmaster, 609 Yonge St., $149.95
“This looks like a ’50s western shirt! It’s got everything you’d want in a great western shirt. It looks like something Patsy Cline would have worn.”

J) Davids, Bayview Village, $1,795;
“Love the baby studs. It’s a cross between a western and a motorcycle boot.”

K) Bootmaster, 609 Yonge St., $1,999.95;
“Liberty boots! I love the company. It was started by my old friend Tony Benattar, who has a great feel for what makes a cowboy boot outstanding. The embossing, the detailing … just exquisite.”

L) Prairie approach
Boro,, $39/RENTAL
“This is a beautiful bag. I guess you’d carry your bullets and an apple for your horse!” 

M) Ron White, 1553 Bayview Ave., $895;
“Kudos to Ron ’cause he does booties that are very comfortable. Very sleek with the stirrups.”

N) Soul woven,, $325;
“What’s a cowgirl without her fringes? And the woven part is upcycled fabric.”

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