Going cold turkey

Thanksgiving is upon us, and the first word that comes to my mind is “turkey.”

Many of us are usually intimidated by just the thought of cooking a 10- to 20-pound bird, which is quite different from our traditional dinners of a three-pound chicken! But once you have a few foolproof techniques of roasting and stuffing a turkey, the size won’t matter and you’ll always end up with a moist, perfectly cooked bird.

I prefer to purchase a fresh turkey for the flavour, but frozen is fine if necessary. Just be sure to thaw in refrigerator, which will take about 48 hours for a 10-pound turkey. Naturally there will be lots of leftovers, so toss them into your soups, stews, sandwiches and salads. If a turkey is too large for your family, try the boneless breast, which is actually lower in calories and fat than chicken. Here are some recipes to try.

Turkey Roast with Pine Nuts

Fall Turkey Scallopini

Sesame Turkey Fingers

Rose’s Tip:

For a perfect bird this Thanksgiving, you should first decide the number of guests you will be having, and if preparing a whole turkey, plan on about 1-1/2 pounds for each person. There are a number of especially great spots to pick up a fresh turkey for your holiday table.

Cumbrae’s is my favourite and it offers the “bronze turkey,” which has a richer flavour than a typical white turkey. Another great place to try is Beretta Organic Farms (they offer online ordering). And of course, the St. Lawrence Market has a long history of offering quality birds from White House Meats.

Post City Magazines’ culinary columnist, Rose Reisman, is author of 17 cookbooks, a TV and radio personality and a health and wellness expert. Visit Rose at www.rosereisman.com.

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