Here’s where to find the best sangria in Toronto

Because nothing says summer like the perfect pitcher of sangria

There’s nothing more delightful than sharing a refreshing pitcher of sangria with friends on a hot summer’s day. Loaded with red or white wine, fresh fruit, and lots of ice (plus some extra spirits if you’re feeling really thirsty), sangria is a classic beverage originating from Spain and Portugal.

Here are five places to grab a pitcher (or two) of sangria in the city!



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Check out this authentic Mexican hotspot on Adelaide St. for some tacos, chips and guac and, of course, some delicious sangria made with tempranillo, triple sec and squirt for just $9. The sangria at Campechano is packed with plenty of juicy, seasonal fruits, including Ontario peaches, strawberries, and apples.

Barsa Taberna


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At Barsa Taberna near St. Lawrence Market, you can choose from a list of five different kinds of sangria—blanco, rosado, tinto, cava, and mangria, featuring delectable ingredients like blueberry, mint, fresh cucumber, and blackberries. Prices range from $30 to $55.

Bar Reyna


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Located on Cumberland St. in the Yorkville neighbourhood, Bar Reyna serves up a variety of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern delicacies like tapas, delicious savoury fries made in the style of Arabic, Spanish, Greek or Italian cuisine, and the tastiest halloumi. All of these dishes go perfectly with a refreshing glass of sangria! Reyna’s Sangria is made with Prosecco, sherry, Cointreau, Havana Club rum, tropical passionfruit, and fresh fruit. Prices range from $15 for 2.25 ounces to $56 for 90 ounces.



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If you’re looking for traditional Spanish tapas in an ultra-romantic setting, Patria is your best bet in the city. With a dimly lit atmosphere tucked away from King St. like a secret hideaway, Patria is the perfect place to unwind with a glass or two of either red, white, or Cava sangria complete with lush ingredients like pear nectar, poached apple, and cranberry. Prices range from $14 to $38.

Trattoria Nervosa


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As one of the best-loved Italian restaurants in the city, Trattoria Nervosa is a prime sangria destination. Try their famous brew in red or white for $14.99 a glass or $45.99 for a pitcher, and pair it with a delicious pizza or one of their pastas.

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