Holiday party dress duel: Gold & silver vs. metallic pink

Come the holiday season, everyone wants to shimmer and shine. This month, Jeanne shops two areas, dishing out two looks that will have all eyes on you. 

Rosedale and Summerhill Sizzle
“This dress has a bit of that rock ’n’ roll glam. I love the fact that it’s silver and gold. We’re trying to take it a bit more downtown by pairing it with a pair of black boots with a great blocky heel and a beautiful faux fur jacket. We’ve got it with this fantastic black purse and these delicate teardrop earrings that catch the light beautifully.”

A) Faux fur – Thursdays, $295
B) Earrings – Clementine’s, $139
C) Bag – Augustina, $400
D) Dress – Milli, $3,395
E) Booties – Thursdays, $195

Bayview Village glam
“I just love this dress, and the colour is fantastic for the season. It gave me a waistline so is a very, very flattering shape. This Smythe coat reminds you of rich brocades, rich tapestries. This faux fur collar gives it a little bit of that extra wintry glam. And Ron’s shoes are the most comfortable — these are the shoes I wear now!”

F) Faux fur – Pink Tartan, $595
G) Earrings – Andrews, $290
H) Coat – Andrews, $895
I) Dress – Brian Bailey, $1,095
J) Clutch – Andrews, $250
K) Pumps – Ron White, $395

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