Hot looks for the holiday party

I have three holiday parties coming up and many of the same people will be at each party. Can you suggest three different looks — one party is formal, the other two are more upscale casual?

It sounds like you’ll need a real party dress for the formal event with great high heels.

Without knowing the crowd, it’s hard to plan the upscale casual events, but here are a few suggestions:

You could wear leggings tucked into high-rise, high-heeled boots with a shiny top and black jacket for one, and skinny jeans tucked into riding boots, a dressy top and tweedy jacket for the other.

What’s the most irritating fashion faux pas you’re seeing right now?

I was recently walking through one of the busiest fashion malls here in Toronto and saw a woman wearing a short tailored tweed jacket, with a dressy top tucked into her faded, skin tight jeans with massive rips across the knees. It just looked bad.

Remember, the mix of high and low that works in a magazine editorial doesn’t always work in real life!

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