How to make this Ossington joint’s famous jalapeño sauce at home

As many of us find ourselves cooking at home instead of dining out, we’re sharing recipes from some of Toronto’s top chefs and restaurants.

Who can resist the zing of a really good jalapeño sauce? Answer: nobody. Enter the founder of Ossington’s BFF (Burgers n’ Fries Forever), Jamil Bhuya, for a quick and easy recipe to bring the aroma of jalapeños into your home. 

“I love this sauce because it requires so few ingredients. It tastes incredibly fresh yet creamy. It’s such a surprise since you would assume there is mayo in it to achieve that texture,” says Bhuya. “I could eat this sauce with fries all day!”


BFF’s jalapeño sauce

Makes 1 cup of sauce


  • 150 g fresh jalapeños
  • 200 ml canola oil
  • 4 g Kosher salt


1. Thoroughly wash jalapeños under cold water and remove the stem with your hands

2. Bring a pot of water to a boil on the stove

3. Add jalapeños to boiling water and cook for 5 minutes

4. Remove jalapeños from water. Discard boiled water

5. Add boiled jalapeños, canola oil and salt to the food processor/blender

6. Blend until smooth in consistency

7. Transfer to a jar and seal it until ready to use



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