Ingrid Laederach Steven

Toronto’s first lady of chocolate says so long after 35 years

The local Swiss chocolate shop will be keeping its doors open, but its beloved owner is taking a step back and closing this chapter of her life

Born and raised in Switzerland, Ingrid was always fascinated with the magic that came along with a piece of chocolate. After graduating from the Richemont Bakery and Confectionery School in Switzerland, she decided to share her love of these decadent sweets with the people of Toronto’s North York.

Since May of 1985, Ingrid’s exquisite boutique has been a beacon of joy amongst Torontonians. The female entrepreneur has been decorated in many awards during her years of service and for good reason. According to her customers, her incredible Christmas displays and warm hospitality made Swiss-Master Chocolatier one of the best of its kind. Each person that walked through the door was welcomed with open arms, and sometimes a piece of chocolate. 

Before her last day on Sept. 30, Ingrid will be holding a celebration to say thank you to all her loyal patrons that have supported her over the last 35 years. The party will be held at the Swiss-Master Chocolatier on Sept. 21. It will be decked out with a swiss band including alphorn players and a whole lot of chocolate.  

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