Jeanne Beker on the season’s hottest trend — cashmere

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Whether you’re treating yourself to the ultimate luxury fabric or finding the perfect gift for the holidays, cashmere is the season’s hottest trend. We asked Jeanne Beker to pick her favourite cosy yet chic pieces from across the city.


A) Eye care

“It’s really pretty and feminine. A great gift or a little stocking stuffer. I think it’s very romantic.”, $55

B) Turned up toque

“I love the lushness of this wonderful green toque. It has a hand-knit quality to it, and it’s a beautiful shade of forest green.”, $150

C) Pink patchwork

“I always appreciate whimsy, and this is adorable. I love the colouration with the blue patch heart elbows.”, $498 

D) Perfect paisley

“This has a real artisanal feel to it with the fringes. It looks very vintage and cowgirl chic. I really love it.”, $4,410.97 


E) Wrapped in luxury

“This wrap is fantastic. It just looks like the kind of thing you would want to wrap yourself in on the couch.”, $225

F) Colourful cashmere

“This Pucci scarf is gorgeous. The colour-blocking is optimistic, and it’s nice and long. A great designer scarf.”, $869.97

G) Must have mustard

“The mustard colour is really on trend. It’s cosy. It’s got the little hood and a nice drawstring. It’s very chic.”, $495

H) Marvellous midi

“This midi cardigan from Akris is really luxurious. I love the modernity of it and the graphic design, and it’s reversible.”, $3,114


I) Timeless tweed

“This is a beautiful cashmere blend. I love the idea of a cashmere skirt paired with a beautiful boot. It’s a classy piece.”, $1,109.99

J) Sleepy socks

“I adore these bed socks. I love the stripes. They remind me of the Wicked Witch of the West. A fabulous gift.”, $155

K) Nordic chic

“I love this Authier jacquard sweater. It has such a nostalgic vibe to it. It looks like those old ski sweaters from the ’40s.”, $897.94

L) Pink panther

“These are like cashmere leggings. They’re pull-on, ribbed and in a beautiful colour. Very chic for home entertaining.”, $798.94

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