Jeanne Beker gets kitchen chic with these stylish aprons and oven mitts

One of Cjeanne-beker-plaidanada’s most trusted authorities on style and fashion, Jeanne Beker has covered the industry for more than 30 years. Now watch her in her current style editor role on TSC’s Style Matters with Jeanne Beker or tune into her new podcast Beyond Style Matters, available wherever you get your podcasts.



Aside from her fashion expertise, Jeanne Beker is also a seasoned baker. So who better to turn to when looking for the most chic aprons and charming oven mitts? After all, we’re all cooking at home more than ever these days.


A) Denim duty

“This one looks like it’s denim, like you could wear it out with a great pair of boots. It’s pretty and it looks really serious too.” ChefWorks.ca, $61.95

B) Adorable avocados

“The avocados are striking, they’ve got a really cool vibe. It looks fun, healthy and fresh.” iQliving.com, $9.99

C) Luxury leather

“This leather apron is incredible. It has great pockets for all the kitchen accessories. It looks strong, upscale and very chic.” Simons.ca, $125

D) Watercolour whimsy

“This looks like a canvas with a painting on it. I love the big tomato, it’s really chic. I would hang this on the wall, it’s so beautiful.” Cookery-store.ca, $29


E) Feeling fruity

“This is a really sweet, feminine, retro apron. It’s adorable and has a matching pot holder — a great ensemble.” Anthropologie.com, $50

F) Minty mitts

“These silicon oven mitts and really good, I use them a lot. These are really pretty in this minty green as well.” KitchenStuffPlus.com, $19.99

G) Baked with love

“I love the idea of a whimsical oven mitt, and we need all the humour we can get in those stressful baking situations to take yourself lightly in the kitchen.” BlueBananaMarket.com, $17.95

H) Who’s the boss

“This one speaks to the cowgirl in me. It’s especially great if you’re doing anything on the barbecue. Looks like a real western-style apron.” Damzels.com, $49


I) Winter chic

“This has such a cheery and fresh style with the berries on it. It has a touch of nostalgia and is so adorable.” DanaJordan.com, $36

J) Haute hive

“I’m a big bee person, so I love this one. It looks so summery, and it’s a very feminine kind of apron. Love the look of it.” iQliving.com, $29.99

K) Marimekko mitt

“This black and white oven mitt with the little red flowers is very dramatic and cool. These Marimekko prints first came to light back in the ’60s and they’re graphically very beautiful.” EQ3.com, $24.65

L) Graphic garden

“I love these Marimekko prints. They have such a great air of artsy modernity. This one is so striking and absolutely fashionable.” Gravitypope.com, $60

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