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Jeanne Beker on the best weekender bags for a mini-vacation

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Preparing for a vacation at the cottage or squeezing in a visit to the family before the fall? Jeanne Beker shares the best weekender bags to fit everything you need for a splashy summer getaway.

jeanne bags

A) Sustainable statement

“It’s such a beautiful bag, really classic styling, and it’s vegan as well. It’s so easy to carry and great for a little train trip. I totally see myself using that bag.”, $168

B) Black-and-white

“This is a very chic bag. The detailing is exquisite, and the quality is going to be great as well.”, $2,770

jeanne bags

C) In bloom

“That print is gorgeous. It’s the kind of florals you can carry all year round.”, $153.64

D) Better with age

“It’s the kind of bag that would become more beautiful the more worn it gets. It’s a real investment bag.”, $1,390

jeanne bags

E) Packs a punch

“It looks like a soft bag that you could pack in a big suitcase, and there’s a great compartment in the back and two different handles, too.”, $124

F) Woven all-rounder

“This one has a cool, summery vibe to it. The black and white combo is always so chic.”, $138

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