Kevin Drew debuts eponymous body butter from Toronto-based skincare line

Musicians are finding ever more inventive ways to bond with their listeners these days. To that end, fans of former Broken Social Scene frontman Kevin Drew (whose new album, Darlings, is now available) will be pleased to hear that he's made the leap into sweet, scented skincare.

Thanks to a collaboration with organic skincare company Wildrose Magnolia, we now have Kevin Drew's Tequila Lime Body Butter, for those days when you, presumably, want to smell like a freshly-made margarita. The body butter is handmade in Toronto, and according to Wildrose Magnolia's production mandate, is free of parabens and toxic ingredients. 

While moisturization might seem like a strange departure for the musician most recently seen writhing in the music video to his single Good Sex—wait, no, not such a departure, after all. Darlings even sports a song titled Body Butter," featuring lyrics such as "Get the body butter, baby/ Let's go party…

How did this come about? According to Wildrose Magnolia founder Susannah Spearin (whose husband, Charles Spearin, is also a BSS alum), her and Drew are dear friends. Spearin gave Drew one of her body butters as a gift a few years back, and he loved it—his eponymous product was then personalized with 100% agave tequila and Mexican lime. Spearin adds, It's the perfect thing to apply before a Mexican after show party” (a song title from the new album).

In case you were wondering, the product is aimed at men, and will set you back $20. Order it online through Wildrose Magnolia, and feast your eyes on the throwback-style informercial (which promises the imminent release of a Beard Tonic). We wait with bated breath, Drew. 

Article exclusive to TRNTO