Kids Gear: We rounded up the city’s best rucksacks, so your kid can have the niftiest bag on the playground

Grim keeper (A)
Scholar’s Choice, 1599 Bayview Ave., $0
A bag best suited to a mischievous tot, this cheeky pack features a snarky character set to gobble up homework.

Snack pack (B)
The Beau & Bauble, 3093 Dundas St. W., $50
Peppered with all the junk food one could ever dream of, this whimsical pack is a real bucket — or, erm, bag — of fun.

So hip it.. (C)
Sporting life 2665 Yonge St., $80
This boxy pack is great for baby hipsters and transitions easily into a duffle-like bag for when the back tires.

Top o' the line (D)
mini mioche795 Queen St. W., $40
Add a pop of colour to any outfit with this jazzy Herschel rucksack. Did we mention it’s Canadian? All the more reason to don one.

Blast off! (E)
Mastermind toys, 3350 Yonge St., $36.99
This backpack is designed to be super-lightweight and comfy for kids to cart around. As for the design, it’s pretty hard to beat.

Like a lady (F)
400 King St. W., $36
Lovers of insects and the great outdoors will fall for this oh-so-cute ladybug pack. We can’t stop buggin’ out over it. (Get it?)

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