Kids Tech Gear: What the class of 2050 might find in their schools

These gadgets, from virtual reality to robot pals, might be part of the classroom of the future.

A) 3D printer
Teachers can use 3D objects to illustrate hard-to-grasp concepts to students. $499

B) Digital interactive touch desk
The Makitso Sslab Jr. is a digital desk that creates a visual, interactive, touch screen experience for students.

C) Humanoid robot
NAO, Softbank’s first humanoid robot, motivates students to learn and interact with programmable technology. $6,000

D) Virtual reality
Vive is a virtual reality headset that can be used across many academic subjects to immerse students in a new environment. $1,149

E) Eye tracker
Goggles that track eye movement can be used as a tool to show students how visual attention can be applied to many research fields.

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