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New collaboration between Toronto-based Knix and The Birds Papaya sells out in 30 minutes

Knix, founded by Toronto’s Joanna Griffiths, and Sarah Landry, the face behind The Birds Papaya, collaborated on a new collection, the Papaya Box, that immediately sold out after its release on Oct. 18.

Griffiths says the collection took some convincing to get Landry on board.

“Sarah’s initial reaction to the collection partnership was hesitant, in part because I think she was afraid it wouldn’t be successful and the feelings she would have if it didn’t work out,” says Griffiths. “After a couple of pep talks she fully leaned in and trusted the process. It is amazing the things you can accomplish when you trust your gut and lean in.”

Landry is known for her blog The Birds Papaya where she shares her self-love journey as a mother focused on being body-positive.

“I was very hesitant to trust in my own influence to be able to do something this big, but her [Griffiths] excitement and belief in me got me excited,” Landry says.

The box comes with a bra, thong and leggings, and is the first that Knix has ever created.

“Sarah has always wanted us to develop a legging, dating back to her consulting days, so it made sense for us to break into that category with this partnership,” says Griffiths.

Each of the items are influenced by Landry’s taste. “The designers gathered inspiration from my favourite colours, and my tattoo of a feather on my side,” Landry explains.


sarah landry
Landry in the bra and leggings from the Papaya Box

Griffiths first got to know Landry when she stumbled across her Instagram page in 2017.

“I remember being so blown away by her authenticity, her openness and her talent as a writer,” she says. “She was so refreshingly different.”

After Landry participated in a photo shoot for Knix, her and Griffiths continued to work together.

“We ended up discussing what it would be like if I took the plunge into something that could bridge the gap between a day job and my dream job, and do it in a way that I felt I was honouring my brand and working with one I loved,” Landry explains.

Griffiths eventually brought her on as a consultant, specifically working on social media and their influencer strategy.

“My goal was to help empower her to focus on building her business, and we are so happy to have been a part of this journey,” she says.

Griffiths and Landry started the process of building the Papaya Box over a year ago, with Landry testing prototypes of the products.

“In June, with the idea of passing the mic, we made the added decision to support and spotlight some other emerging BIPOC Canadian female founders,” Griffiths says.

The box includes jewellery from TISH Jewelry, and sustainable labelling from NOMI + SIBS, both led by Black women.

“We ended up with a 30,000 person wait list and a complete sell out in the first 30 minutes. It was exciting, terrifying, and absolutely amazing,” Landry says.

“The collaboration is special because it represents two women working together to empower and lift each other up as we grow our businesses,” Griffiths says. “It has been really beautiful to see Sarah and The Birds Papaya grow so quickly over the past few years.”

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