Liisa Winkler's blog: How to get in his pants

Since having my second child, I have been getting up early, throwing my hair in a braid and dressing in what my daughter refers to as my "daytime jammies." This consists of a button down shirt (for easy access) and track pants in a variety of drab colours. But this time, as I walk to the park in my smashing ensemble, I feel that I need my jeans back. This look has gone on long enough.

As I reflect, it has been almost a year since I wore some decently fitting, stylish jeans. Looking around me, I see a virtual fashion show of denim and immediately hone in on what is to become my latest obsession… "boyfriend jeans."

These are essentially the jeans that I wore in high school hanging dangerously low off my bony hips… Just a bit more strategically distressed and ten times more expensive and of course cool. I must find me some.
The Gap has a big sign advertising their "boyfriend jeans", so as soon as the baby is fed, I walk over and give them a try. The fit is OK, but I dont like the obvious "distressing." They seem to be trying too hard for that very relaxed "hope you dont mind if I borrow these old jeans while mine are in the wash" look.

Levis makes an almost perfect pair for $98. The sales lady says that they are "boyfriend jeans" and the label says "501- Straight leg, Buttonfly". Love the light color and the fading and distressing is perfect! But somehow I can’t get excited about the rather stiff and saggy crotch.. guess I am growing a little too fond of my "daytime jammies."

Heading back home empty handed I have three more thoughts…. 1- I could spend $200 and get that perfect pair of "designer boyfriends" 2- I could just swipe a pair of my husbands jeans and he probably would not even notice. 3- Is it ok to call them boyfriend jeans if I have a husband? Is that like cheating?

Turns out I had that perfect pair sitting in the bottom of my closet all along.. may even be leftovers from high school.. I now frequent the park in my cooler than cool jeans and feel happy that not much has changed since high school and what comes around does actually go around.

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