Local Love: Celeb fave Dean Davidson’s holiday pop-up shop

’Tis the season of the never-ending holiday fête, and that means two things. One, everyone is in a simmering panic over finding all the gifts that must be given. And two, everyone is in a slightly greater panic over which seasonal baubles must be donned for said parties. Your best bet is to look to some amazing Canadian talent for both. We spoke to Dean Davidson, one of Canada’s most noted jewellery designers, on his brand’s 10th anniversary, his first pop-up shop and his signature Castle Ring.  

Why did you opt to do your first pop-up shop now

A pop-up shop is something I’ve wanted to do for years — it was simply a matter of waiting for the right time and having the additional support. This month is the 10th anniversary of DD so it finally felt like the perfect opportunity to have one. We loved the Ossington location because it’s a vibrant and unique street in Toronto with many boutiques and restaurants that I love.  

One of the highlights of the pop-up is the Castle Ring bar — how many stones are available to choose from?

We’re really excited about our Castle Ring bar. We have the ring available in a full size range and clients can choose our signature brushed gold or silver finish. They can also chose from our most popular gemstone options: Labradorite, Rainbow Moonstone, Ocean Blue Chalcedony, Cranberry Quartz, Black Onyx, Citrine, Lapis and Pink Chalcedony. It’s something personal and special that will be made just for them or a loved one. 

What inspired the design of the Castle collection? 

I’m always inspired by architecture and my travels. I designed the Castle Ring years ago after my first visit to Europe.

How do you imagine the Dean Davidson woman wearing the ring?  

Although it feels like more of a statement piece, it’s a great everyday ring too. We have many clients who have the ring in a number of different gemstones and wear it all the time. It’s definitely a piece that can go from day to night, from a casual lunch with friends to a special holiday event. 

Who would you love to see wearing the ring this holiday season?

A lot of high-profile clients have been seen wearing the Castle Ring lately — Salma Hayek, Nikki Reed, Jenny Slate and Rosario Dawson, to name a few. I would love to see Oprah wearing one, as the Castle Ring is featured in her Fav Things issue this month.  

Dean Davidson Pop-Up Shop will be at 38 Ossington Ave. until Dec. 12

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