Local Love: Putting a pink spin on a classic blazer for a great cause

It’s October so that means two things. First, that we have to wrestle with the fact that winter is, that’s right kids, on its merry way. It also means that it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Rethink Breast Cancer — the breast cancer movement for younger gals — has snuggled up to a bunch of brands to help raise funds for their cause. While wearing millennial pink has never been so fashionable, here’s how to wear it with some heart.

Of the gaggle of goods offered through the Rethinking Pink collection, which includes Jenny Bird jewellery and a sweet chair from Calligaris, our top pick is a delicious pink blazer ($595). This limited edition piece is the work of none other than beloved Canuck label Smythe. Co-designers Andrea Lenczner and Christie Smythe have chosen to put a pink spin on their classic, Duchess cut garment. Each sale of the blazer will see $50 donated to Rethink.

“A close friend recently fought breast cancer and is now involved with Rethink,” note Lenczner and Smythe. “Her personal journey inspired us to join her in her efforts to raise money and awareness. We worked with Rethink to design something women would love to add to their closets, while at the same time funding patient support programs.”

Don’t forget — for those super keen on supporting the cause, Rethink’s annual Boobyball soiree is going down Oct. 13. Talk about putting the fun in fundraiser…

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