Macaron mogul Nadège serves up some sweet new scoops

Sample 16 new flavours of scooped ice cream and sorbet on Queen as well as soft serve at the Yorkdale and Rosedale locations

Nadège has been a Toronto fave since 2009 when the owners opened their first shop downtown, making a name for themselves with the city’s best cakes, macarons and more. With summer here, patrons can sample their luxurious soft serve at the Yorkdale and Rosedale locations. The dessert destination also has a new draw — ice cream with miniature macarons. Newly added scooped ice cream is currently only available at the Trinity Bellwoods flagship location, where it serves 16 new ice cream and sorbet flavours, such as baked caramel crunch, lemon meringue tart and mojito sorbet. Enjoy a scoop or two loaded up into a house-made waffle cone, or go all out and treat yourself to a scoop sandwiched between two chocolate chip wafers. 

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