Magical Lawrence Park mansion moves quickly

This gorgeous home in a park-like setting appealed to builders and homebuyers

List price: $4,995,000
Selling price: $4,497,000
Days on market: 34

Post City spoke with Nadia De Vincenzo, Forest Hill Real Estate Ltd., about 35 Glengrove Ave. E.

What are the selling points?
It was built in 1910, so it was built by the developer of the Lawrence Park neighbourhood. And what the gentlemen did, in 1910, was he put the best of the best in this house. There is no gumwood, it is all quarter-sawn oak from the floors to the wainscotting, the doors, the frames. The jams of the doors are eight inches, not four. The staircase handrail, you have to have a big hand just to cup it, that’s how large it is. Those features are second to none. 

What about this sizable lot?
It did not fall under the Heritage Act. So one of the most attractive parts was this 100-foot lot that is severable, which attracted the builders and developers, although it could go no smaller than two 50-foot lots. So there were different reasons why people came to see that house. 

What is so special about the neighbourhood?
It’s away from Yonge Street, the shops are all there. But you’re also a five-minute walk to the subway at Lawrence, plus the ravine and the park right there. The house is actually facing the ravine, so you have  the view of the park and the ravine, the trail going down. And it’s the best school district. 

What went down?
There was no open house. There were a few offers that the sellers weren’t happy with, and then the right one came along. 

And what does this say about market conditions?
What it says is that there is always a home for every buyer out there, but when talking about that kind of money, the buyer wants to be completely satisfied. There are buyers out there, and I don’t think enough inventory in general. 

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