The Maguire sisters are bringing their Montreal footwear line to Toronto

Named for sisters and founders from Montreal, Romy and Myriam Maguire, Maguire Boutique is a new kid on the footwear block in Toronto. But don’t expect your typical visit to a shoe store — this is a shopping experience with a few unique twists that make the process both easier and more transparent.

The luxury brand originally began as an online shop and already has a location in Montreal, but the duo decided to open a second location in Toronto when they realized there was likely a market for their offerings here.

“My partner is from Toronto so I started visiting regularly,” notes Myriam Maguire. “I got to know the city and realized there was a place for the type of products I was designing.”

Rather than having shoes on display and then having to ask a salesperson to retrieve your chosen size to try on, the bright, airy shop features a wall-to-wall shoe closet that hides every size and style of shoe in stock allowing shoppers to select shoes themselves.


Small batch production also means fast turnover, which helps minimize end-of-season overstock waste and ensure products are always fresh. Additionally, by working directly with manufacturers and selling directly to consumers, Maguire is able to cut out agents, distributors and other middlemen who inflate retail pricing.

“We design all our styles and produce in limited quantities, so you can only find them at Maguire,” Myriam explains.

As for what to expect in store, you will find everything from practical yet stylish boots, to heels, flats, sneakers and sandals. Myriam says the store aims to offer high-end footwear that is also accessible.

“Whenever I went shopping, I always happened to prefer the most expensive item in the store, but of course I could never afford it. So I decided to design shoes that were as exciting as the high-end products, but when people saw the price they would be pleasantly surprised,” she says.

maguire boutique

Since the store opened in June, interest has been steadily increasing. “It’s been growing every day and our online sales in Ontario have doubled from before, so we’re enthusiastic,” says Myriam.

It means a lot for the Maguire sisters to be running a female-led business that is also changing the business model for the better.

“Most shoe factories and businesses are owned by men. No wonder shoes are often so uncomfortable! We design shoes for real women who navigate public transit, shovel snow and have to pick up their kids after work,” says Myriam.

Maguire Boutique is located at 1514 Dundas St. W. and is open Monday, Thursday and Friday from noon to 7 p.m. and on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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