McSorley's closing down

Popular Leaside restaurant going on hiatus after 10 months of the pandemic

McSorley's plans on reopening in the near future

Popular Leaside bar and restaurant McSorley’s is going on a hiatus after 10 months of trying to cope with running a food and beverage operation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a note sent to the restaurant’s mailing list via email and then posted on social media, the long-time Bayview Avenue bar noted that after 10 months of the pandemic, they deserved a “little vacation from all this mess,” before thanking the community for their support.

The plan, according to the statement, is for the business to reopen when it is appropriate to do so.

“We appreciate all the support you have shown during this time and rest assured we will open again soon when the time is right,” the post read, in part.

The hospitality industry, in particular restaurants and bars, has been amongst the hardest hit during the pandemic with some suggesting one in 10 have already closed across the country.

McSorley’s statement indicates the inability to sell alcohol on a regular basis for its dine-in customers, or sell it at wholesale prices similar to the LCBO means it does not have the “right business model to operate during these times.”

“We pay our employees properly, we pay our taxes and bills, we put our 2019 profits right back into the business in 2020 with a full exterior and interior renovation. We feel we have done everything right to the best of our abilities during these times, but it just wasn’t working well enough,” the statement continued.

The McSorley’s team took the opportunity to ask its own customers to support local businesses in the Leaside area, especially the tiny shops on Bayview Avenue that have “fought really hard over the past 10 months to stay afloat.”

“With a little effort and sometimes extra money yes, you can buy the same thing on Bayview that you could from Costco or Walmart,” they wrote. “It will go a long way to helping them support their families. I look out the window on many of the slower times and see many businesses doing well during this time, so I know that many of you are doing your part. In a few months when the warmer weather comes back, maybe the majority have been vaccinated, we will all have a street filled with unique shops, activities and restaurants for us to enjoy.”

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