Toronto’s famous backyard barbecue gets a new brick-and-mortar location

Alex Grigonis moves his smoker into the Annex location formerly home to Live Organic Food Bar

Live Organic Food Bar closed this past June after 19 years in the raw vegan food sphere. In its place is a somewhat ironic newcomer: the Backyard Smokehouse. The new barbecue joint first popped onto the GTA food scene this past summer when owner Alex Grigonis decided to try his hand at southern-style smokehouse ribs.

Literally selling ribs from his backyard, Grigonis’s smokehouse style became popular nearly overnight. With the weather getting colder, Grigonis had to move his riveting ribs and brisket indoors, which led him to the Dupont Street location in the Annex neighbourhood.

The Backyard Smokehouse’s menu has expanded since its move and now includes smoked chicken, sliders, shrimp dip, cornbread, and other sides that you’d expect to find at most barbecue spots. There are also seeing many juicy burger combinations on the restaurants’ Instagram that look to be worth ordering.

Grigonis is also offering a cauliflower steak fresh from the smoker if you don’t eat meat and want to combine it with some sides (you can grab five sides for $27) to add to your vegetarian feast.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Backyard Smokehouse is only offering takeout and delivery (Door Dash) but will be offering indoor dining when permitted.

The best way to grab some of the city’s newest barbecue is to order directly by calling 416-944-0908. The restaurant is at 264 Dupont St.

Article exclusive to TRNTO