Canadian designer pivots to launch world’s first anti-viral scrubs

Designer Nina Kharey of fashion brand Nonie has launched a line of medical scrubs called Folds. The fashion-forward scrubs are made from recyclable and sustainable materials while also being anti-viral, anti-bacterial and antimicrobial.

Kharey has an engineering background and worked with a lab in Europe to create the nanotechnology material for the scrubs. After crowd-sourcing from several health-care professionals, Kharey made three tops for women, two for men, and various bottoms, including joggers.

Kharey decided to launch this line of scrubs as part of a passion project and to do her part in the fight against COVID-19.


“It is my belief we should be supporting medical practitioners, who save lives and put their health at risk every single day, with the same care and attention we have for our superior athletes. These scrubs have forward-thinking design and are also the world’s first fully recyclable sustainable scrubs, taking into consideration the end of life of garments,” Kharey stated in a recent press release.

Folds scrubs boasts longer-lasting material (the company claims that the scrubs last twice as long as regular scrubs) and can be returned to the company for recycling. Folds will turn old scrubs into new scrubs through its recycling program resulting in a highly sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing model.

“We are making a distinct effort to help protect people while saving the planet,” says Kharey.


Kharey’s Nonie brand manufactures luxury womenswear that has caught the eye of Meghan Markle and various social influencers. The new Folds brand aims to bring the same luxury feel to medical wear through four-way stretch and scrubs that move with health-care workers.

Folds officially launches on Feb. 3, which is National Women’s Physicians Day, but items are currently available for pre-order through the brand’s website. Shortly after the launch the women’s items sold out, demonstrating the need for comfortable scrubs that are also protective.

In addition to the scrubs, Nonie also launched a line of sustainable, ethically-made and reusable face masks in 2020.

Article exclusive to TRNTO