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A Toronto hospital steps in to support crucial mental health initiative

A Toronto hospital is raising awareness about youth struggling with depression and other mental health concerns in association with grassroots organization the Maddie Project through the Push Your Limits challenge.

While real world marathons might be canceled right now, virtual running events are in full swing. If you fancy yourself a runner, you can test your mettle by signing up for the Push Your Limits challenge (a 4x4x48 “Goggins Challenge” run) that will take place on March 5, 2021 via the North York General Hospital.

Competitors will have to run four miles every four hours for a period of 48 hours to complete the challenge (not an easy feat!). Funds raised during the Goggins Challenge will benefit the Maddie Project, a community effort that is sparking discussions and offering support to youth struggling with mental health concerns.

There is no fee to participate in this run, but organizers suggest runners raise $250 before the run. Runners that do raise $250 will receive a Push Your Limits swag bag. In total, runners will be covering 32 miles of virtual ground over the weekend or 16 miles a day. If you aren’t sure you can go the full 48 hours solo, you can also opt to split the challenge with a friend and enter as a relay participant.

Participants that prefer to walk or run/walk can also enter the challenge as long as the mileage is covered within 48 hours. All runners and walkers will get a Maddie’s Project swag bag and a certificate of completion. At the time of this writing, 110 participants from six countries have signed up to participate in the Push Your Limits event.

The Maddie Project supports youth struggling with depression and other mental health challenges. If you want to enter the challenge as a participant or support a runner, email Additional details about the Push Your Limits challenge can be found on the North York General Hospital website.

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