Ontario announces 85 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in largest daily increase yet

The novel coronavirus pandemic in Ontario just reached an unsettling new milestone. As of Tuesday morning, there were 85 new cases confirmed across the province — which represents the largest daily jump to date.

The current tally now sits at 588 confirmed cases, up from the 503 recorded on Mar. 23. However, the exponential jump is not unexpected; public health officials have been saying for weeks that the outbreak in Ontario will get worse before it gets better.



This announcement also brought the sad news of another coronavirus-related fatality in Ontario. A man from the Durham Region in his 90s passed away from his symptoms earlier today — bringing Ontario’s number of coronavirus (COVID-19) fatalities up to seven in total.

As of Mar. 24, 10,074 COVID-19 cases are under investigation out of the 30,000 people in Ontario who have been tested. Of the 588 confirmed cases, 50 have been hospitalized and the rest have been instructed to quarantine at home.

Patients in Ontario range between men and women in their 20s to 90s and have been located across the province in areas like Toronto, Brant, Peel, Niagara, Owen Sound, Hamilton, York, Durham, Halton, Waterloo, Kingston, Guelph, Windsor, Ottawa and Sudbury.

Among the 85 new cases, several are Ontario healthcare professionals. This is thought to be due to the lack of PPE available for healthcare workers in hospitals and clinics across the city.



The lack of personal protection equipment available for healthcare workers has motivated people across Toronto, from fashion designers to regular citizens, to make and donate masks and other needed equipment to local hospitals.

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