Opening Night: Cullen brings his merry musical to T.O.

Seán Cullen, star of A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum, answers our questions about his new musical and reveals what’s on his wish list this Christmas.

You filled in for Bruce Dow in this play at Stratford after he was injured. Was this a Tonya Harding–Nancy Kerrigan thing?

Well, certainly Bruce and I are fiercely rivalled and extremely physical in that rivalry. We’ve been known to get in fights — slap fights, fist fights, all sorts of fights — but no, this was just lucky for me.

For the Toronto staging, you two are sharing the role. Do you foresee any problems?

Promotion-wise it’s a bit strange because you have to do two interviews, but otherwise no.

Summarize the plot in one breathless sentence:

A slave wants to get his freedom and is willing to manipulate everyone around him to get that goal.

What is on your wish list this Christmas?

I wish that everyone would go see the play, even Bruce’s show.

Canon Theatre, Dec. 15 – Jan. 16

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