Opening Night: Maestro headlines '80s flashback concert

Local hip hop legend Maestro returns to his roots with Juno Awards’ Songs of the ’80s at the Horseshoe tavern on January 8, 2011. He answers our questions.

You, Platinum Blonde, Rik Emmett and others are doing a flashback to the ’80s. What do you miss most from that era?

The energy of something new. Kids today, they grew up on hip hop. We were onto something, learning as we grew.

What other ’80s stuff is on your playlist?

Public Enemy, Kool G Rap and Polo, that’s my vibe right now.

Do you see parallels to Drake?

Definitely. We’re both from Toronto, both multi-dimensional artists. I’m proud of the cat. He just took it to the next level up.

Horseshoe Tavern (, January 8.

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